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Grande Wings to Share

Crispy Chicken Wings

served with dipping sauces (1,3,6,7,10)   €16  €8 respectively


Crusty Breads & homemade dips

served with homemade pesto, tapenade and apple & chilli Jam

(1,3,7,10)  €9


Tempura Chicken

served with an aoli dip

(1,3,10) €8.50


Warm Brie with dipping sauce

shallow fried and served with salad leaves

(1,7,10,12)  €8.50


Goats Cheese Bruschetta

Irish goats cheese with pesto, tomato, and balsamic reduction

(1) €8.50


Classic Caesar Salad (GF)

lettuce, bacon, tomato, croutons (remove for gluten free) with caesar dressing

(3,7,10,14)  €8.50


Harrison’s Vegetable Soup with brown bread (GF)

warms the bones (no bread for gluten free)

(1,9)  €6


Ginger & Chilli Prawns on Peasant bread

wok fried prawns, with salad on a crusty garlic bread

(1,2,3,14)  €9


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Steak & Chips

Burn’s sirloin, homemade onion rings and our pepper sauce

(1,7,12)  €25


Fillet Steak Sandwich

Burn’s Fillet beef, on ciabatta with onion, mushroom, dijon mustard and cheese

(1,7,10,12)  €16.50


Slow Cooked Pork Rib Sandwich

homemade bbq sauce on ciabatta with lettuce and homemade slaw

(1,3,7,10,12)  €14


Burger icon


Classic Cheese Burger

handmade burger, brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, Irish cheddar, American mustard and pickle with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10)  €14.90


The New Yorker

double meat, cheese, bacon, pickle and American mustard with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10) €18.50


Gourmet Stacked Burger

handmade Irish burger, brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, onion rings, and our relish with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10,)  €15.90


BBQ & Bacon Burger

handmade Irish burger, homemade bbq sauce, bacon, lettuce, red onion with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10,12) €15.90


Smoked Cheese & Apple Burger

handmade Irish burger, brioche bun, lettuce, Irish smoked cheese, and apple jam with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10,)  €15.90


Chicken Fillet Burger with Chilli Mayo

pan fried Chicken fillet, brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, and a chilli mayonnaise with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10)  €15.90


Loaded Chilli Dog

hot dog in a soft bun, with lettuce, taco beef, cheese and taco sauce with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10)  €14.90


Chicken icon

Roast Chicken Marsala (GF)

classic Italian dish with Marsala wine, cream, served on a bed of champ with side of your choice

(7,12)  €17.50


Oriental Chicken balls in an Orange Sauce

battered chicken pieces with peppers & onion in an orange sauce with rice

(1,3,11,12)   €14.50


Chicken Pasta Alfredo

chicken strips pan fried, with chilli, garlic, red onion and basil with pasta

(7,12)    €15.50


Fish Icon


 Asian Street Food

wok fried prawns and chicken with chilli, ginger, rice and a sticky soy sauce

(1,2,14)  €14.90


Posh Scampi & Fries

fresh breaded monk fish, shallow fried with a citrus mayo with shoe string fries

(1,4,7,10,12   ) €18.50


Fish ‘n Chips

homemade battered Hake, with mushy peas with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10,)  €15.90


Set place icon


 Tokyo Noodles (GF)

wok fried vegetables in a sweet and sticky soy sauce.  Add Beef €3

(1,12)  €15


Vegetarian or Chicken Curry (GF)

selection of vegetables cooked in Indian five spice. Add Chicken €3

With Basmati Rice  (6,9,10,12)     €15


Kids Icon


**Under 12’s Only**


Homemade Beef Burger

served plain as part of our kids meal deal with shoe string fries

(1,3,7,10)  €8


Homemade Chicken Strips

breaded chicken, as part of our kids meal deal with shoe string fries

(1,7)   €8


Pasta Bolognaise

ground Irish beef in a tomato sauce as part of our kids meal deal with pasta  (1,7,12)    €8


9 inch Pizza Margarita

hand rolled and handmade with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

As part of our kids meal deal

(1,7,12)    €10


Fish ‘n Chips

fresh hake in batter with mushy peas and fries

As part of our kids meal deal

(1,3,7,12)    €10


Sides icon


Loaded Fries, loaded Sweet potato fries Or loaded Wedges 7


with the topping of your choice




Garlic & cheese


Bacon  Jam


Curry & Coleslaw


Upgrade your Burger meal with loaded fries for 3




Spicy wedges 


Sweet potato fries


Shoe string fries


Portion of Champ


Mash & vegetables


Tossed salad




Homemade onion rings


Garlic bread


Pepper sauce


pizza icon


 Homemade & Hand-Rolled Pizza




Half Calorie

pick any pizza and we will replace the centre with a tossed salad

(N.A)  €15



pizza sauce and mozzarella

(1,7)    €12



bacon and pineapple, pizza sauce and mozzarella

(1,7)  €14


Classic Pepperoni

cured sausage, pizza sauce and mozzarella

(1,7)    €14


The Meat, The Whole Meat

spanish chorizo, bacon, and chicken

(1,7,10)  €16


Chorizo Chilli and Lime

spanish chorizo, bacon, jalapeno’s, chilli and aoli

(1,3,7)  €15


Homemade BBQ Base Chicken and Pineapple

No pizza sauce, bbq instead, with chicken and pineapple

(1,7,10)     €15


The Tuscany

sun dried tomato, caramelised onion and pesto,  pizza sauce and mozzarella

(1,7)    €15


 Ginger Sausage & Honey

homemade ginger sausage, tomato, and irish brie

(1,7)  €14.90


Quattro Fromage

cheese lovers rejoice

(1,7)    €13


Pick ‘n Mix

make your own with four toppings

(N.A)  €15




Gluten-Free Pasta & Beer Available


All our wedges are gluten-free, as is our pepper sauce and our chocolate brownies


Most of our dishes can be prepared gluten-free. Just ask.


Desserts icon


Homemade Chocolate Brownie (GF)

served warm with Ice cream and cream (GF)

(3,7)  €8


Classic Baileys Cheesecake

served with fresh cream

(1,3,7)  €8


Warm Apple Pie

deep dish, served warm with cream and ice cream

(1,3,7)  €8


Dessert of the Day

Served warm with cream and ice cream

(1,3)  €8


Whiskey Board

a selection of interesting Irish small batch whiskeys

(1)  €12


Premium Whiskey Board

A level up as regards quality of the selection

(1)  €20




When all else fails, Cocktail?


Cocktails icon




Allergy Information List


1. Cereals 2. Crustaceans 3. Eggs 4. Fish 5. Peanuts 6. Soybeans 7. Milk 8. Nuts 9. Celery 10. Mustard


11. Sesame Seeds 12. Sulphur Dioxides & Sulphates 13. Lupin 14. Molluscs


wine icon


HOUSE WHITE –    FALLING STAR Sauvignon Blanc Argentina     €24


HOUSE RED –      ASTCA  Merlot/Malbec blend    Argentina        €24




White Wines


Italian wine, with pleasant nose and a relaxed balance



This Australian Chardonnay demonstrates a gentle citrus style with an agreeable finish


3 WOOLY SHEEP    Marlborough Sauv Blanc  €29

A crisp New Zealand Sauv blanc with hints of elderflower, lemon zest and grapefruits


Red Wines


Mature fruit nose with nutty and chocolate flavours which complement a complex finish



Mature nose with fruit and pepper flavours



Chilean wine with pronounced dark berry flavours. The fresh acidity balanced with light tannins



Italian Organic merlot, Smooth deep red with lingering flavours


Sparkling Wines